Welcome to Cliffhanger Genetics. Since 1980 we have been raising Texas Longhorn cattle. We have a passion for unique cattle with eye appeal and lots of horn. Our purchase of 100% of Top Caliber, the first bull to ever reach 84" inches tip to tip, has enabled us to continue to move forward in raising outstanding cattle. Not only are his progeny beautiful, his marked ability to produce twist in the horn of many of his offspring is encouraging. In over 30 years of raising these great cattle, using many different and popular bulls, Top Caliber has proven to be the best horn producing bull yet. Therefore, we are concentrating our program around his genetics.

We are happy to deliver animals, depending on the destination, all or part of the distance for cost of fuel and motels (if needed, depending on the distance) that have been purchased. Because of our busy schedules, certain times of the year we are unable to deliver and will happily make other arrangements or continue to take care of the animal or animals until delivery is possible.

Periodically we will be updating our website. Please come back and check us out.


Western Regards,         
Brett and Darcy DeLapp